Sociology NOW, 3e

coverTristan just completed collaborating with Michael Kimmel and Amy Aronson on the third edition (forthcoming) of Sociology NOW, 3e–an introductory textbook in sociology. I’m really excited about this project. It was a monumental amount of work, but I found that blogging along the way helped me consider new ideas, charts, graphs, and data visualizations that might help introduce students to just what it is that makes sociology my favorite field.

This updated and heavily revised introduction to the field of sociology explains how the classic concerns of sociologists–social order, social conflict, social interaction–have been reshaped.  Sociology has always offered a way to make sense of the complex and sometimes contradictory forces that shape our social lives in any era. As Sociology NOW, 3e explains, sociology is both a body of knowledge and a “way of seeing” – the sociological imagination.  In this revision, we offer a new framework for teaching the sociological imagination – a model we call “iSoc.”  iSoc provides students with a new way of understanding the ways that sociologists look at the world with new up-to-date examples of cutting-edge scholarship offering a dynamic overview of the body of knowledge this field has produced. In the third edition, Sociology NOW is also available as a digital textbook (using Pearson’s REVEL platform) as well as in print. Digital readers will get additional insights from the authors in the form of video clips, video animations about key concepts, ideas, and findings, and an array of interactive maps, graphs, and visuals allowing students to interact with the material as they encounter it in the text.

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