Is Trump the ‘Ahnold’ of 2016?

CNN will only allow the first 150 words of a post on a private site.  I was invited to write a piece on how Donald Trump’s masculinity is related to his campaign and popularity.  Here are the first 149 words of it and a link to the rest:

Donald Trump is macho. Apologizing to no one, bulldozing competition, scoffing at political correctness and firing anyone in his path have been his stock in trade for years. He’s renowned for making money, for his brand of arrogant confidence and braggadocio, and most recently, for his presidential ambitions.

This week, for example, as he deflected foreign policy questions from radio host Hugh Hewitt, he boasted that “I will be so good at the military your head will spin.” Last week, with just a glance at his security detail, he had Hispanic journalist Jorge Ramos ejected from a room for talking out of turn. This kind of thing is routine with candidate Trump.

When he first announced, I immediately thought of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s campaign for governor of California. He was a political novice, and a caricature of a particular style of masculinity, the action movie hero. California elected him anyway…

Read the entire article HERE.

One thought on “Is Trump the ‘Ahnold’ of 2016?

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