Summer Break

Hi Everyone,

In an effort to complete a massive amount of work this summer, Inequality by (Interior) Design will be taking a summer vacation.  I may post something if I get the blog urge and can’t stay away.  But, my goal is to begin again in the fall.

If you’re interested in what I’m up to this summer, some of the projects I’m most excited about are listed below.

  • C.J. Pascoe and I are completing an edited volume under contract with Oxford University Press–(Re)Theorizing Masculinities.  We’ve worked incredibly hard on this.  And I’m so excited for it to be published.
  • I’m completing a book proposal for my dissertation research with three separate groups of men: a pro-feminist group, an anti-feminist fathers’ rights group, and a group of male bar regulars. I also have a few articles I’m working on out of this project that I’ll be finishing up this summer.
  • I’m working on an edited volume proposal for a book with C.J. Pascoe on “Hybrid Masculinities.”
  • I’ll be continuing to collect interviews on my “man cave” project.  This project has been so much fun; I can’t wait to begin publishing some of the findings (and, hopefully, the book before too long).
  • I’m part of a team of scholars (headed by Gayle Sulik) who are starting a new Society Pages blog.  And, like Girl W/ Pen, I will have a regular column there as well.

Sorry for the temporary hibernation from this particular corner of the blogosphere.  But, I’ll be collecting ideas all summer to start back up in the fall.  Thanks for all of your support.  Have a great summer!


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