A Year in Blogging

Well, I’ve been officially blogging for one year.  The goal was to post once a week and I missed the mark by a few posts.  People clicked on my blog just under 30,000 times this year and it been viewed all around the world.   Some months had more posts than others, but it was helpful as I moved to a new college to keep me writing and to help me get started on my new book project on man caves.

Some of the posts have had more to do with man caves and gendering domestic space than others.  But, I’ve also used the blog as a space to post ideas that I’ve come up with while teaching and reading.  I wrote a few posts highlighting some scholars I love (Barrie Thorne, Mike Messner, Ann Arnet Ferguson, Adam Reich, Victor Rios, Erving Goffman, and Laud Humphreys) and those were particularly rewarding.

My post on bachelor pads was cross-posted on Sociological Images and my post on glitter-bombing was posted on Social (In)Queery.  I also got a lot of traffic after a brief interview with Feministing.com.

The most popular post (measured by “shares”) was “Teaching Privilege without Perpetuating Privilege.”  One of my least popular posts—which was one of my favorites to write—was “The U.S. Gender Gap in Traffic.”

I initially anticipated more historical posts on transformations in domestic space explaining how changes in gender relations both produce and are produced by spatial arrangements in our homes.  But the work I did here was a lot of fun to write (and hopefully equally fun to read).  The posts most related to my current project were:

My goal for the next year is to post a bit more on topic (though I’ll keep posting on other issues that strike my fancy as well).

I’m also able to see what Google searches are leading people to my blog.  I think I get a bit of traffic from students looking up information on Laud Humphreys “tearoom trade” as well as people looking for work on Goffman’s work on gender.  I also seem to get students looking up Barrie Thorne’s conceptualization of “borderwork” and Mike Messer’s work on his the Barbie Girls and the Sea Monsters.

It’s been a really wonderful year and I appreciate all of the followers.  My facebook page is closing in on 200 “friends” and the blog itself has WordPress “followers” as well.  It’s wonderful to have received so much feedback.  Thank you so much for reading.  I’ll keep posting and (hopefully) gradually become more consistent with the blog’s stated mission.  See you next year!


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